Yoins Part 1

Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Top in Black

Hi you all, long time no see! 
I recently had the pleasure to work with the nice guys over at yoins.com! Working with their customer service was a pleasure, their shipping was inhumanly fast and I'm more than happy with the pieces I've received.
So today I'd like to show you this absolutely amazing Cold Shoulder Top  from www.yoins.com! I've been looking for a shirt like this for ages! Please go and check out their amazing website, 

Thank you YOINS!


YOINS Wishlist

1) Tartan Coat
2) Burgundy Site Split Top
3) Lace Up Blouse
4) Crisscross Dress
5) Sheer Bell Sleeve Blouse
6) Button Up A-Line Skirt

Hey there!  I'm so glad I got to do this wishlist for www.yoins.com, I love every single piece of it (and as always you can see that black clothes  are my all-time favourites)
Here are some of my key pieces for the colder weather that is rapidly upon us, I will definitely get my hands on a few of them! Check out 
YOINS and get to shopping! Their pieces are amazing and their prices are pretty hard to beat.
So check out my top picks from their site & feel free to drop a comment telling me what your favorite pieces are. Happy shopping!



New Docs

I'm soooo so sorry for my long absence... But now I'm back to show you my new Docs! I just couldn't resist (again). Of course I've planned a few posts for the next time, so stay tuned


Denim Skirt

Just showing you this amazing skirt I bought at Mango! Yes, I look very awkward in the first picture, I probably shouldn't grin like a Cheshire Cat next time...
I'm totally in love with the skirt, what do you think?


Jord Watch Review

This beautiful watch was kindly sent to me by Jord Wood Watches! Yes, it is made out of wood. How awesome is this? I got so many compliments as I wore it to university for the first time and I can really say that it's a great conversation piece.
The watch I've chosen is part of the Ely Series in the colour cherry, it's a more feminine style and unbelievable versatile! The colour is just perfect for me because the dark red fits perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe!
It arrived in a nice small box, secured around a pillow- so classy! Another great fact about this watch is that they even sized it for me before sending it.
As all their watches are crafted out of wood, each piece is totally unique (which makes it even more special, considering that you can't find the same watch anywhere else in the world)

About JORD watches: "A wood watch by JORD is a truly unique time piece hand-crafted from natural wood. The bands and movement housings can be made from one or more types of wood. The internal movements are sourced from the finest international watch manufacturers and the glass is a scratchproof "blue film" glass. If you are seeking a beautiful and unique time piece for your collection or simply need an expressive fashion accessory, a wood watch is your next talk piece. Watches are manufactured with a variety of natural woods from around the world. Each product is different and we are constantly sourcing unique and sustainable product with which we hand-craft every watch. Some of the wood we use include bamboo, maple, sandlewood, blackwood, cherry, and teak."

Wooden Watches by JORD


CNDirect Wishlist

1) Kimono
2) Ripped Shorts
3) Off Shoulder Crop
4) Hamsa Cascading Back Top
5) Cage Back Bralet
6) Ethno Pattern Lace Kimono
Today I'm showing you my absolute favourites from the awesome website CNDirect! They sell the most amazing ad totally affordable clothes, shoes, accessoires etc. and you should immediately check them out!
The pieces shown above are just a small collection, I seriously could have included many many more items because CNDirect offers everything a girl can dream of.
What do you think about my wishlist and their site?


Daisy Crop

Daisy Crop Top - Urban Outfitters / Skater Skirt - Topshop / Creepers - Primark / Kimono - Primark

I'm so ready for summer right now! Everyone's mood is so much better when the sun is shining and this is what I love most about the warm seasons of the year. Plus, I really cannot wait to get all of my lovely crop tops etc out of the closet, So much money has been spent on summer clothes in the last few weeks, I fear I really need to take a break from shopping...


Instaweek VII


Two months went by so far... Uni starts again in a coupleof days and I'm back at studying already. I bought so many new clothes and can't wait to show you all of them in my next posts!
Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions concerning the pics above :)

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Battle Of Evermore

Top - Urban Outfitters / High Waist Shorts - Primark / Shoes - Dr. Martens / Necklace - Urban Outfitters

 Hey everyone! Loving this shirt so much! I bought it at UO (As you probably know I'm absolutely in love with Urban Outfitters) and its cut out, strappy details are just amazing. I decided to wear it with high waisted shorts and my Docs as usual. Hope you like! ♥


Faithful Companions

Blanket Scarf - Zara / Duffle Biker Coat - New Look / Dr Martens

Although spring is slowly but surely approaching, this post is all about my favourite and faithful winter companions which have kept me warm throughout the cold and windy days.
My two favourite scarves are these oversized blanket ones with gorgoeus patterns, purchased at Zara. I really love them because they are super cozy and very versatile as well!
I bought the duffle coat late summer last year, it was love at first sight (which explains this early winter purchase) and I can wear it with every single outfit I own!
As you all know, I'm absolutely in love with my Docs and one of my life-goals is to have a really big collection of Dr Martens. If only I had the money...